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page 2   No.41~No.80
80 Vol.20,No.4(March 1971) Résumé
  TANAKA, Hidemichi :  
Une observation sur " l'Adoration des Mages" de Léonard de Vinci --De son double personnage  
YOSHIMIZU, Tsuneo  :
  Inventory of the Shôsôin at the moment of its opening in 1872--from the Diary of NINAGAWA, Noritane  
News and chronicles :  
Activities of the JAHS  
79 Vol.20,No.3(December 1970) Résumé
  MATSUYAMA, Tetsuo :  
Affliction of the Grand Buddha of Todaiji Temple in 1567 and Its Repairs  
  TSUJI, Shigebumi :  
The Gospel Scenes in the Illustration to the Homilies of St. Gregory of Nazianzus, Paris, Bibl, Nat. , cod. gr. 501. Part I. The Icouography (II)  
  Soga, Shōhaku : Hermits (Sennin) Comment on the plate, by TSUJI, Nobuo  
News and chronicles :  
Report on the Extraordinary General Assmbly of the JAHS and on other activities  
78 Vol.20,No.2(September 1970) Résumé
  TSUJI, Shigebumi :  
he Gospel Scenes in the Illustration to the H'omi lies of St. Gregory of Nazi anzus, Paris, Bibl. Nat., cod. gr. 510. Part I. The Iconography (f)  
  NAKAJIMA, Ryôichi :  
Ryôgiji Temple and Sakurai, Seppo (II)  
  Albrecht Dürer : Bearing of the Cross from "The Large Passion" Comment on the plate, by MAEKAWA, Seiro  
News and chronicles :  
Activities of The Japan Art History Society  
77 Vol.20,No.1(June 1970) Résumé
  NAKAJIMA, Ryôichi :  
Ryogiji Temple and Sakurai, Seppo (I)  
  UMASUGI, Muneo :  
Saint-Denis ou Chartres ? Problème de la naissance de la sculpture gothique  
  Sakurai, Seppo : Landscape with Mountain and Water and Heron and Pine Trees  
News and chronicles :  
Report on the 23rd General Assembly of the JAHS
Summaries of papers read at the 23rd General Assembly
List of committee members for the year 1790
List of subjects on art history adopted for the grant by the Ministry of Education in 1970
76 Vol.19,No.4(March 1970) Résumé
I Paul Cézanne : Portrait d'Achille Emperaire (V. 1195) 1869-'70
                      Musée du Louvre, Cabinet des Dessins (RF 31778)
II-a Paul Cézanne : Nu couch・1861-'65
                     Galerie Bridgestone (Tokyo, Japon)
II-b PaulCézanne : Nu vu de dos et deux études pour " l'Enlévement" 1863-'67
                     Musée Ohara (Kurashiki, Japon)
  NAGATSUKA, Yasushi :  
La Descente de croix (I)  
  IKEGAMI, Chûji :  
Le Dessin de Paul Cézanne --a première partie--  
Contents of BIJUTSUSHI Vol. 19  
75 Vol.19,No.3(Decemberr 1969) Résumé
Descent of Amida Triad. Owned by Hermitage Museum, Leningrad.  
  SHIMIZU, Zenzô :  
On " Sô-Fû" style (sung dynasty style) sculpture in Kamakura Period.  
  TAKASHINA, Shûji :  
Chronologie et sources de la série du " Ch rist sur le lac de Généareth" par E. Delacroix  
Explanation of Plates :  
Descent of Amida Triad, from Khara-khoto collections of Hermitage Museum.(M.L. Pchelina (Rudoya))  
74 Vol.19,No.2(September 1969) Résumé
I Door painting of Zushi. Owned by Shinhase-dera Temple, Gifu.
II Door painting of Zushi (detail). Owned by Shinhase-dera Temple, Gifu.
III Door painting of Zushi. Owned by Shinhase-dera Temple, Gifu.
  MURASHIGE, Yasushi :  
The landscape screens which are requisites for the Esoteric Buddhist of Kanjô  
  MAYEKAWA, Seirô :  
The literary Remains of Albrecht Dürer, Miscellanies. -A Japanese Translation  
Explanation of Plates :  
Door painting of Zushi, Shinhase-dera.(HIRATA, Hiroshi)  
Report on the 22th General Assembly
Summarized papers on subjects by participants in the 22th General Assembly
List of standing-committees, entrusting-committees and bussiness partakers in 1969
List of subjects on art history adopted by Grantees Ministry of Education in 1969.
73 Vol.19,No.1 (June, 1969) Résumé
  I a. Cestosomatic human type, Mont Fada (1) (Ennedi).
b. Cow, Hallagana (3) (Ennedi).
II a. Giraffe, Arl (Adrar des Iforas).
b. Horse, Idjaunhan (Adrar des Iforas)
  SUSOWAKE, Kazuhiro :  
  Delle due edizioni delle " Vite " di Giorgio Vasari  
  KIMURA, Shigenobu :  
  Development of the rock arts in Great Sahara.  
  SUZUKI, Kei  :  
  Problemes in Yüan Dynasty Art History Research.  
72 Vol.18,No.4 (March 1969) Résumé
  KOHARA, Hironobu :  
Shikyozu and Kōkyōzu  
  SAITOU Takashi :  
The Five Statues of Malta Ākāsågarbha at Tōji's kanchi-in.  
  a Kōkyōzu, Part 3, Chapter Chu Kun, by Li Kung-lin, Owned by Weng Fong, U.S.A.
b Kōkyōzu, Part 7, Chapter. San T'sai, Li Kung-lin, Owned by Weng Fong, U.S.A.
II a Kōkyōzu, Part 8, Chapter Hsiao Chih, Li Kung-lin, Owned by Weng Fong, U.S.A.
b Kōkyōzu, Part 11, Chapter Wu ching, Li Kung-lin, Owned by Weng Fong, U.S.A.
III Vimukta Āākāsågarbh at Tōji's kanchi-in.
71 Vol.18,No.3 (December 1968) Résumé
  SUDZUKI Osamu :  
Eastern Origin of Scythian Art  
  SHIMBO,Toru :  
On the Picture Scroll of Kitanotenzin Engo (Kôan-bon)  
  1. Kitanotenzin Engo (Kôan-bon)--scene of meeting in mansion of Koreyoshi.
       Omned by Kitano Temmanagû Shrine, Kyoto.
2. Kitanotenzin Engo (Kôan-bon)--scene of celebration at Kichijô-in Temple.
       Omned by Kitano Temmanagû Shrine, Kyoto.
70 Vol.18,No.2 (September 1968) Résumé
  TAKEHANA, Rintaro and NARUSE, Fujio :  
Relationship Between Odano Naotake and Shiba Kôkan  
  Ia View of Shinobazu Pond. Owned by Mr. Yabumoto Sōshirō Tokyo.
Ib Plum Garden. Owned by Mr. Yabumoto Sôshirô Tokyo.
IIa View of Shinobazu Pond, by Odano Naotake. Owned by The Akita Prefecture.
IIb View of Mt. Fuji, by Odano Naotake. Owned by Private Collection, Tokyo.
III Flowers and Birds in Four Seasons, with Sign of Kan・Motonobu. Owned by Hakutsuru Art Museum.
69 Vol.18,No.1 (June 1968) Résumé
  YOSHIMURA, Rei :  
Ri se of Flying Deities in the N. Wei Caves at Lung-mên  
  YAMAMOTO, Koji :  
On the Composition of Amida Raigō Paintings  
  I. Amitabha and his host descending from heaven Owned by Anrakuju-in Temple, Kyoto.
II. Amitabha descending from heaven Owned by Matsuo-ji Temple, Nara.
68 Vol.17,No.4 (December 1967) Résumé
  YOSHIKAWA ItsujiI :  
La Peinture de la Nef de l'église de Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe  
  MATSUBARA, Saburo :  
Buddhist Sculpture of the Asuka and Hakuho periods and their Relationship with the works of the Three Kingdoms in Korea  
66-67 Vol.17,No.2-3 (December 1967) Résumé
  TSUJI, Sahoko :  
Un essai d'identification des sujets des miniatures fragmentaires de la Genèse de Cotton.  
  YOSHIMIZU, Tsuneo :  
Teh Coblst-Blue Glass pot with wide rim(Spittoon) in Shōsōin  
65 Vol.17,No.1 (June, 1967) Résumé
  IKEGAMI Chûji :  
Paul Gauguin et la vogue des japonaiseries en France  
  MAEKAWA, Seiro & MoxI, Hiroshi :  
Theophilus, "De Diversis Artibus", a Japanese transla-tion of the first volume (3)  
Explanation of Plate I  
  An Ink Painting of Orchid and Bamboo by Chung Mo (TODA Teisuke)  
   I. Orchid and Bamboo, an ink painting on paper by Chung Mo, in the collection of Mr. Sôshirô Yabumoto, Tokyo.
II. Une des trois pages sur l'art japonais etc. manuscrites par Paul Gauguin dans le manuscrit de Noa-Noa, Cabinet des Dessins, Musée du Louvre.
64 Vol.16,No.4 (March 1967) Résumé
  KOHARA, Hironobu :  
On Chên Hung-shou, II  
  TANAKA, Hlidemichi :  
L'Etude sur l'evolution stylistique des oeuvres de Georges de La Tour  
  NAKANO, Genzo :  
Correction of "Sedentry Sâkyamuni Statue in Yakushi-do at Yakuno-machi in Tamba" (BIJUTSUSHI 59, vol.15, No.3)  
Explanation of Plates :  
  NISHIKAWA, Shinji :  
On Gozu-tennô owned by the Yasaka-Jinja  
  I. Gozu-tennô, the Yasaka-Jinja, Fukui
II. Detail of the same
63 Vol.16,No.3 (December 1966) Résumé
  SUZUKI, Osamu :  
The String Roller at Shôsôin and the Similar Types  
  KAWAI, Masatomo :  
Shôsô Hakkei (Scenery of Hsiao Hsiang)' by Kaihô Yûshô  
  I. Scenery of Hsiao Hsiang : Fishing Boats, in the Collection of Fusaichirô Inoue, Gumma
II. Scenery of Hsiao Hsiang : Mountain Village in clearing Mist......Private collection, Gumma Pref.
62 Vol.16,No.2 (September 1966) Résumé
  SHIGEBUMI, Tsuji :  
An Observation on the Macedonian Nurnismatic Iconography  
  KOHARA, Hironobu :  
On Ch'ên Hung-Shou--I  
  I. Coins of the Early Period of Macedonia (867A.D.-963A.D.)
II. Mosaic of S. Sophia (Istanbul)
    (Above) Lunette of the Emperor's Door, Narthex
    (Below) Dome of the Nave
61 Vol.16,No.1 (Julie 1966) Résumé
  NAKAJIMA, Junji :  
The Influence of Hanging Pictures On the Formingcfa Screen --On the Shôshô-hakkei' screen at Mr. Murayama--  
  OKAZAKI, Jôji :  
Godai Myôô' Imaged on an Esoteric Ritual Bell  
Book Review:  
  TANAKA, Ichimatsu :  
Treatises on the History of Japanese Painting, Tokyo, 1966.(ISHIDA, Hisatoyo ; EBINE, Toshio)  
  I. Eight Sceneries of The Two Rivevs, Hsiao and Hsiang. Slight color on paper, pair of six fold screens, in the collection of Mr. Nagatake Murayama, Hyogo.  
60 Vol.15,No.4 (March 1966) Résumé
  SuzuKl, Kei :  
On Hua-yüan of Ming Dynasty  
  TAKASHINA Shuji :  
"Madonna della Sedia" de Raphaël  
  MACHIDA, Kôichi :  
Hôryû-ji and Yakushi-ji  
  Explanation of Plate I.  
  SUZUKI, Kei :  
Bamboo by Chu Tuan  
  I. Bamboo by chu Tuan, in the Collection of Mr. Suekich Hashimoto, Osaka.
II. Partrait of Balthaxar Castiglione by Raphael, Louvre, Paris.
59 Vol.15,No.3 (December 1965) Résumé
  MATSUBARA, Saburo :  
On the Northern and Southern Styles of Chinese Buddhist Sculpture  
  MAEKAWA, Seiro & MORI, Hiroshi :  
Theophilus, "De Diversis Artibus" a Japanese translation of the first volume (2)  
  NAKANO, Genzo :  
  Sedentry Sakyamuni Statue in Yakushi-do at Yakuno-machi in Tamba  
Explanation of Plate II.  
  TSUJI, Nobuo :  
  A Sketch for Rantei-Kyokusui-zu (A Crooked Blooklet in the Orchid Garden) by Maruyama Okyo  
  I. Stone Buddhist Heptad, inscribed the year of Ping Ch'en, private collection, Tokyo.
II. A Sketch for Rantei-Kyokusui-zu (A Crooked Brooklet in the Orchid Garden) by Maruyama Okyo
58 Vol.15,No.2 (September 1965) Résumé
  MAEKAWA, Seiro & MORI, Hiroshi :  
Theophilus, "De Diversis Artibus" a Japanese trans-lation of the first volume (1)  
  KUNO, Takeshi :  
A Wooden Kake-botoke by Kyôen, a Buddhist Sculptor  
  SATO, Akio :  
On the Iron Head of Bodhi-sattva in Ôhara-machi, Chiba Prefecture  
  I. A Wooden kake-botoke by Kyôen, a Buddhist Sculptor
II. On the Iron Head of Bobhi-sattva in Ôhara-machi
57 Vol.15,No. 1(June 1965) Résumé
  YANAGI, Munemoto :  
Quelques problèmes de la peinture murale de Cappadoce  
  YOSHIDA, Yûji :  
  YAMANAKA, Shoji :  
Tessan Tôryû, as an Artist of the Kaiho School, and Six paintings in the Collection of Mr. Tatsujiro Yuri, Kyoto  
  I. Painted decoration of Vault, Kokar Kilise.
II. a. Zen'e-Shonin E (Section 5 of the 3d Scroll) in Jokyo-ji (detail).
b. Huangshan-ku admiring orchids by Tetsuzan Toryu, in the collection
of Mr. Tatsujiro Yuri (detail)
Fig. 1=Huang Shan-Ku (1045-1105) admiring orchids.
Fig. 2=The T'ang poet Tu-Pu riding a donkey.
Fig. 3=The Han hermit Yen Tzu-Ling fishing alone.
Fig. 4=Geese and Reeds.
Fig. 5=A heron preched on a snowed willow.
Fig. 6=Landscape with houses.
(Note : The paintings were originally mounted on one of a pair of six-fold screens, are now mounted individually as Kakemono. Size of each painting : 118.2 x 50.6cm, ink on paper.)
56 Vol.14,No.4 (MARCH, 1965) Résumé
  NISHIKAWA Kyōtarō :  
Notes on the Image of Yakushi Buddha (Bhaisájya-guru) in the Hōkai-ji Temple  
  SHIRAHATA Yoshi :  
On the " Ink-sketch " (Hakubyô) Scroll of the Tale of Genji  
  TANIGUCHI Tetsuo :  
Ku K'ai-chih's Miscellaneous Writings  
55 Vol.14,No. 3(DECEMBER 1964) Résumé
  NAKAMURA, Nihei :  
Joseph Gantner's Study of Art History  
  KANAZAWA, Hiroshi :  
The Sliding-screen Paintings formerly owned by the Yōtoku-in, and the Position of Sōkei Oguri  
  NAKANO, Genzo :  
Some Recently Discovered Shintō Images in Maizuru City  
  I. Four Accomplishments (the koto, go, calligraphy, and painting). Kyoto National Museum.
II. a. Wild Geese among the Reeds (detail). Kyoto National Museum.
   b. do.
54 Vol.14,No. 2(SEPTEMBER 1964 ) Résumé
  ETO, Shun :  
The Development of Chinsō (Zen Portraiture) in Ensō-zō(Circular Format)  
  KATSU, Kunioki :  
On the Grünewald's Temptation of St. Anthony  
  SHIMIZU, Zenzo :  
On the Buddhist Images in the Kōdō (Lecture Hall) of the Tō-ji Temple, and the Doctrines they express  
  I. St. George and dragon. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
II. St. Matthew. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
53 Vol.14,No.1 (JUNE 1964) Résumé
  TAKEDA, Tsuneo :  
The Contents of Early Paintings depicting " Kyoto and its Suburbs "
with Special Reference to the Earliest Development of the Theme
Explanation of Plates :  
UMEHARA, Sueji :  
A Pair of Shoes and a Crown, Gilt-bronze Relies of the Three Kingdoms in Korea  
  I. a, Gilt-bronze crown, in the collection of Dr. Sueji Umehara.
   b. Gilt-bronze shoes with floral design from Kyongju, in the collection of Mr. Naojiro Oshita.
Edited by the Japan Art History SocietyPublished by the Benrido, Kyoto.
52 Vol.13,No. 4(MARCH 1964) Résumé
  KONDŌ, Yoshihiro :  
A Problenz in the " Kitano Tenjin Engi"  
 ONIMARU, Yoshihiro :  
Die Skythische Goldplatte-Relief aus Karagodeuaschch-Kurgan  
 TAMAKI, Toyojiro & NAKANO, Genzō :  
The Paintings in the Sera Hall of the Chion-in Temple  
  I. Monju on a wooden wall panel of the rear (east) wall, the Sûtra Hall of the Chion-in Temple.
II. a. Inscription in sumi on the upper flying-brace of the center bay in the rear (east) wall, the same hall. (first half)
b. Inscription in sumi on the upper flying-brace of the center bay in the rear (east) wall, the same hall. (latter half).
51 Vol.13,No.3 (DECEMBER 1963) Résumé
  TAKASHINA, Shuji :  
"Salomé" une étude iconologique  
  KUROE, Mitsuhiko :  
  On the Formation of Medieval Iconography at Saint-Denis  
  YAMANE, Yûzô  
On the Screen Painting ` Ise-monogatari (the Tale-of Ise) '
with accompanying text by Sôken Ogata
  I. Screen painting " Ise-monogatari " in Mr. Yoshinao Ôta's collection.
II. a, b. Details of the same.
50 Vol.13,No. 2(SEPTEMBER 1963) Résumé
  MINAMOTO Toyomune :  
The Principle of Geometrical Composition in Paintings of the Second Quarter of the Seventeenth Century  
  ISHIDA Hisatoyo :  
The Contradiction in Chishō's Identification of the Deities in the Taizō Kyū Zuyō a Garbhadhātu Madala  
  I. Screen painting " plum-tree " by Kanō Kōi. The Academy of Arts, Honolulu.
II. Screen painting " pine-tree " by Kanō Kōi. The Academy of Arts, Honolulu.
49 Vol.13,No. 1(JUNE 1963) Résumé
  NAGAHIRO, Toshio :  
On the Stone Figures excavated at Ch`ü yang  
  SUGIYAMA, Jiro & TSUTSUI, Kanshu :  
Notes on the Monk Jitch†ū  
  I. Meditating Bodhisattva. Norther Ch`i (with no inscription). Peking Palace Museum. Photo by Nagahiro Toshio.
II. a. Detail of the front relief carving of the same pedestal shown in Pl. I.
b. The right side view of the above mentioned statue. Photo by Nagahiro.
48 Vol.12,No.4 (March 1963) Résumé
  YAMANE, Yūzō :  
Eya ("Painter's Shop") in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries  
  MATSUBARA, Saburō :  
A Chinese Example of a "Thousand Buddhas" Sculpture Dated 552 A.D.  
Documents :  
  NISHIKAWA Shinji :  
Images of Tarōten and Two Attendants at Chōanji Temple  
  AKIYAMA Terukazu :  
  Sur la restauration du "Pavillon du Phéniix (Hôôdô)"à l'ère Bunryaku (1234-35), d'après une nouvelle interprétation de l'inscription découverte en 1906  
  I. Tarôten (Detail) ; Chôanji, Ōita Prefecture
II. Attendants of Tarôten ; Chôanji
47 Vol.12,No. 3(January 1963) Résumé
  SAWAYANAGHI, Daigorô :  
  MIZUNO, Keizaburô :  
An Examinution of Kaikei's Works  
  I, II Aphrodite of Sinuessa (detail and four views.)  
Book Review:  
  Chewon Kim & Moo-Byong Youn : Kam Eun Si, A Temple Site of the Sillz Dynasty, Special Report of the National Museum of Korea, vol. II., Seoul, 1961, (KUMAGAI, Nobuo)  
46 Vol.12,No.2 (September 1962) Résumé
  TSUJI, Sahoko :  
Personnsges de l'Ancien Testament représentés dans l'Evangéliaire de Rabula  
  TODA, Teisuke :  
Bamboo-in-Ink in the Five Dinasties and Northern Sung  
Explanation of Plate I:  
  TANAKA, Ichimatsu :  
Snow Landscape by Chôan  
  I. Snow Landscape, by Chôan. Private collection, Tokyo.
II. a. Autumn Landscape (Detail of bamboos). Coll. of Konchi-in Temple, Kyoto.
   b. Winter Landscape (Detail of bamboos). Id.
Book Review :  
  Coletti & Camesasca : La Camera degli Sposi del Mantegna a Mantova Rizzoli
Editore, Milano, 1959, (TSUJI, Shigeru)
45 Vol.12,No.1 (June 1962) Résumé
  HASHIMOTO, Ayako  
A Stylistic Study of the Probem of Hasegawa Nobuharu and Tōhaku  
  YAMAMOTO, Midori :  
On' the Date of "Me Life of Si. Matthew" by Caravaggio. (Part 2)  
Activities of the Japan Art History Soiety :   
  Fifteenth general meeting in 1962  
  I. Screens of Hot-es in Pasture, Painted by Hasegawa Nobuharu.
II. Detail of the Same.
Book Raeiew :  
  Reallexikon zur deutschen Kunstgeshichte, (MAEIKAWA, Seirô)  
44 Vol.11,No.4 (March 1962) Résumé
  TANAKA, Ichimatsu :  
Some Problems Concerning Buddhist Paintings by Chōga--Mainly on the Images of Kongara and Seitaka--  
  KONDÔ, Yoshihiro :  
The Fire of the Ōten-mon--The Characteristics of the . Scroll Painting, Ban-dainagon Ekotoba--  
  I. Images of Kongara and Seitaka, Painted by Chōga.
II. Detail and seal of the Same.
43 Vol.11,No3. February 1962() Résumé
  MÔRI, Hisashi :  
Yosegi-zukuri, a Technical Innovation in Wooden Sculpture  
  ISHIDA, Hisatoyo :  
The Contradiction in Chishô's Identification of the Deities in the Taizō Kyû Zuyô a Garbhadhâtu Mandala  
Explanation of Plates:  
  HAMADA, Takashi :  
The Main Image of Mondōkō Ceremony  
  I. The Main Image of Mondōkō Ceremony.
II. Detail of the Same : a. The Upper Part : Landscape of the Mausoleum of Priest Kûkai.
b. The Lower Part : View of Amano Shrine.
42 Vol.11,No. 2(Dec. 1961) Résumé
  TSUJI Nobuo :  
Examination of Some Works in the So-called Matabē Style -----First Part of a Study on Iwasa Matabê  
  ISHIDA Hisatoyo :  
Ken-no-gohō-dōji and the Flying Bowl in Scroll Painting, the History of the
Shigisan Monastery (Shigisan-engi)
A Document Concerning the Artist and the Date of the Painted Image of Zennyo-ryûô  
  I. Scroll painting, ,Jōruri (Detail) ; Atami Museum, Atami.
II. Scroll painting, Horie-monogatari (Detail) ; Atami Museum, Atami.
41 Vol.11,No.1 (October 1961) Résumé
  MIURA Anna :  
Der erfundene Eine Jünger Jesu im Mosaikenzyklus von S. Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna (um 520)  
  SUGIYAMA Jirō :  
On the Main Statue of the Kanimadera  
  I. The Main Image of the Kanimadera ; II . Details of the Same (a. right hand; b. left leg)  
Book Review :  
  Toumchouq (Planches), the first volume of Documents Archéologiques de la Mission Paul Pelliot. (AKIYAMA, Terukazu)  

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