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40 Vol.10,No.4 (March 1961) Résumé
  AKAZAWA Eiji :  
Shi-jiku and Shi-ga-jiku  
  KOBAYASHI Takeshi :  
  In-butsu, Printed Buddhist Images  
  KANDA Kiichirō :  
The Avatamsaka Sutra Dated 1291  
  TANOMURA Tadao :  
  On "Congratulatory Screens"  
  J & II Pilgrimage of Śudhana-Sreşţhi-dāraka, at the front pieces of the Avatamsaka Sutras, in the collection of the Kyoto National Museum. (cf. the article by Kanda)  
39 Vol.10,No.3 (January 1961) Résumé
  UMEZU Jirō  
Yada Jizō Engi Pictures  
  SUGIYAMA Jirō :  
The Statue of Prince Shôtoku in the Bukkō-ji  
  TSUJI Sigeru :  
  On the Subject in Giorgione's Art  
  I & II Paintings illustrating Yada Jizô-Engi. Two kakemono, 156.5 x 78.0cm. each. Owned by Kongōsenji, Nara. (Cf. the article by J. Umezu.)  
38 Vol.10,No.2 (November 1960) Résumé
  Renè Huygh :  
Light in Western Art  
  OGINO Minahiko :  
Mysteries About Unkei  
  SASAKI Kōzō :  
  On a Problem of Tobatsu Bishamon Ten  
  I Tobatsu Bishamon Ten. Owned by Kyōōgokoku-ji, Kyoto. (Cf. the article by Sasaki)
II Writings by Unkei among the documents concerning Kō-no-shō. Coll. Waseda University, Tokyo. (Cf. the article by Ogino)
37 Vol.10,No.1 (August 1960) Résumé
  MIWA Fukumatsu :  
The Construction of the Palazzo Vechio in the Renaissance Period  
Scenes of Transformation Throuth the Lotus in Yün-kuang Reliefs  
  I & II Kumano Mandara. Owned by Shōgo-in, Kyoto  
36 Vol.9,No.4 (March 1960) Résumé
  HASUMI Shigeyasu :  
Takuma Shōga  
  Yoshiko Tominaga :  
On the Calendar pictures in some French Gothic illuminated manuscripts  
  I & II Jūni Ten. Pair of six-fold screens. Owned by Jingo-ji, Kyoto. (Cf. the article by Hasumi.)  
35 Vol.9,No.3 (February 1960) Résumé
  KUNIYA, Nobuaki :  
An Iconographical Study on Me so-called " Ezekiel Panel" of the Synagogue excavated at Dura-Europos.  
  KOBAYASHI, Taichirō :  
" Visit to the Ōtotsu-ka " by Kenzan (continued)  
  UMEZU, Jirō :  
  The Heike Monogatari Emaki Attributed to Tosa Mitsunobu.  
  I. A detail of Heike Monogatari Emaki (scene illustrating the birth of Emperor Antoku)
H. a Ditto (Taira-no-Kiyomori worshipping the Great Stupa which he had built on Mt. Kōya)
b Ditto (Naritsune and Yasuyori, having been released from exile and returned to Kyoto, parting at Kamo and going to their respective homes)
34 Vol.9,No.2 (November 1959) Résumé
  WAKITA, Hidetaro :  
Gion Nankai  
 TAKEUCHI, Naoji :  
The Tenrin-ji and Taiga  
 KOBAYASHI, Taichirō :  
  " Visit to the Ototsu-ka " by Kenzan  
  I. Hand-warmer with the Design of Chrysanthemums. by Kenzan.
  In the possesion of K. Takeda, Osaka. Explanation by T. Mitsuoka.
II. Fishing in a Reedy cove. Kakemono. In slight colours on paper. Explanation by T. Mori.
33 Vol.9,No.1 (August 1959) Résumé
  MAYEKAWA Seiro :  
The " Four Apostles " by Duerer--An Iconographical Study  
  UENO Teruo :  
`The Enlightening under the Bodhi-tree' on the second panel of the left pillar, East gate-way of the Great Stupa, Sānchi. (Explanation of plate II)  
  HAYASHI Ryōichi :  
   A Study on Grape-scroll Designs--the development of " sacred fruits " motifs of Iranian origin  
  UMEZU Jiro :  
  A correction concerning the article " On the Screenpainting ` Autumnal Field ' by Sōtatsu " given in No. 31  
  I. Wall ornament. Stucco. Sassanid Dynasty.
    a. Fragment of a wall ornament, with pomegranate design. Coll. Louvre Museum, Paris.
    b. Wall ornament, with sacred fruit design. From Tape Mil.
        See the article by R. Hayashi.
II. a. b. The Enlightening under the Boddhi-tree, Sãnchi, India. See the explanation by T. Ueno.
32 Vol.8,No.4 (March 1959) Résumé
  OKA, Naomi :  
The Statue of Bodhisattva in the Hōbodai-in, Kyoto  
  SHIRAHATA, Yoshi :  
The Age of the Wall-paintings in the Hōkai-ji, Kyoto  
  MORI, Tôru :  
  The Portrait of Priest Mongaku  
  I. Statue of Bodhisattva (side and back) owend by Hōbodai-in, Kyoto.
II. Apsaras, wall painting in the Main Hall of Hokai-ji, Hino, Kyoto.
31 Vol.8,No.3 (November 1958) Résumé
  MATSUBARA Saburō :  
Tang Buddhist Sculpture in the Mid-eighth Century  
  UMEZU, Jirō :  
On the screen-painting " Autumnal Field" by Sōtatsu  
  MŌRI Hisashi. From Jōchō to Unki :  
  On Sculptors of the Nara Busshi Group  
  I, II. Details of screen-painting " Autumnal Field " by Sôtatsu, in Mr. T. Sawayama Collection, Kyoto. See the Article by J. Umezu.  
30 Vol.8,No.2 (September 1958) Résumé
  ISHIDA, Hisatoyo :  
On Screen-paintings " In and Around Kyoto".--Their Bird's-eye View Compositions.  
  OKASAKI, Jôji :  
Life of Ch`ên Ho-ch'ing.  
  I. Detail of Screen paintings " In and Around Kyoto " in the MACHIDA Collection.
II. Detail of Screen paintings " In and Around Kyoto " in the UESUGI Collection.
29 Vol.8,No.1 (Juyl 1958) Résumé
  KOBAYASHI Takeshi :  
Shiba Kurano-obito Ton Busshi : one chapter of studies on Japanese sculptors.  
  SUGIYAMA Jiro :  
Statue of Prince Shōyoku at Tenshūji Temple in Gyoda City  
  NAGAHIRO Toshio :  
Ho Chou and Yen P`i, Two Artists of the Sui Dynasty.  
  MORI Toru :  
The Picture of the Taima Mandala owned by Zenrinji Temple, Kyoto. (Explanation of Plates I II)  
  I, II. Taima-Mandala (Details), owned by of Zenrin-ji Temple, Kyoto.  
28 Vol.7,No.4 (March 1958) Résumé
  HAYASHI Ryôichi :  
Sassanian Crown Decoration. --the Significance of the Importation of Crown Decoration to the Far East.  
  TANAKA Ichimatsu anb MIYA Tsugio :  
Fujinami-Ezôshi. --An illustrated scroll in the Asada Collection, Hyōgo Pref. (Explanation of Plate I, II)  
  GOMI Mitsuko :  
Hairstyles of Women appeared in Arts during the T'ang Dynasty --centering around the Kaigen and Temō periods. (713-755A.D.) .  
  KAWAKATSU Masataro  
  Stone Lanterns of the Kyoto Style in the Kamakura Period  
  I, II. Fujinami- Ezōshi. An illustrated scroll in the Asada Collection, Hyogo Pref.  
27 Vol.7,No.3 (January 1958) Résumé
  NAKAMURA Shigeo :  
On the Theory of Painting in Ching Hao' s "Essay on Brush Work", (荊浩「筆法記」)  
  TSUJI Sahoko :  
An Iconographical Study on the "Crucifixion" and the "Women at Tomb" in the Mosaic of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  
  AKIYAMA Terukazu, YANAGISAWA Taka :  
Flying Apsaras on a Wooden Aureole of the Chief Image in the Oka-dera of Nara. (Explanation of Plate I,II)  
  I,II. Flying Apsaras on a wooden aureole of the chief icon, owened by Oka-dera temple, Nara prefecture.  
26 Vol.7,No.2 (Octover 1957) Résumé
  KUNO, Takeshi :  
Sculpture Produced After the "Great Buddha" -Some Observations on Early Heian Sculpture  
  KITAMURA, Tetsuo :  
On the Embroidered Banners in the Henushi Shrine  
Sesshu Studies Published during 1956, the 450th Anniversary of Sesshu's death. (Nobuo Kumagai.)  
  I. Eleven-headed Kwannon (head), wood sculpture, owned by Kegon-ji Temple, Gifu pre-fecture.
II. Embroidered Banner (Details a, b), owned by Henushi Shrine, Shiga prefecture.
25 Vol.7,No.1 (July 1957) Résumé
  SAWA, Ryūken :  
On the sculptures of the Godai myōō (Five Vidyarāja) in the Daigo-ji Temple  
  KONDO, Yoshihiro :  
Notes on Data concerning Emakimono--Nōĕ­hōshiden and Kasuga gongen kenkishō  
  HAMADA, Takashi :  
  On the Chikō mandara--with special reference ta the panel painting in the Gokurakubō Hall of the Gangōji Temple  
  KUMAGAI, Nobuo :  
  Sesshu and the En, of the Official Japanese Emroy to Ming China into China (Part II)  
  I. Figure of Fudô-myōō (one of Godai myōō). In the Daigo-ji Temple collection, Kyoto.
II. Chikō mandara (Details a.b.). In the Gokurakubō of the Gangō-ji Temple, Nara.
24 Vol.6,No.4 (March 1957) Résumé
  ITO Takuji :  
Scribbles on Wooden Panels of the Ceiling of the First Storey of the Five-storied Pagoda of the Daigoji Temple  
  INOUE Tadashi :  
One Design Principle in the Asuka Period  
  1 & 2. Scribbles on Wooden Panels of the Ceiling of the First Storey of the Five-storied Pagoda of the Daigoji Temple, Kyoto.  
23 Vol.6,No.3 (January 1957) Résumé
  NOMURA, Hisayasu :  
The Biginning of Classical Style  
  KUMAGAI, Nobuo :  
Sesshu and the Entry of the Official Japanese Emvoy to Ming China into China (Part I)  
  TANAKA, Ichimatsu :  
Portrait of Sesshu by Tokuriki Zensetsu (Explanation of Plate I)  
  1. Portrait of Sesshu by Tokuriki Zensetsu, in the collection of Mr. Yukihiko Yasuda, Kanagawa.
2. "The Fall of Troy, "Hydria decorated with red figures, detail, in the collection of Mr. Setsuya Hashimoto, Kyoto.
22 Vol.6,No.2 (Dec. 1956) Résumé
  NISHIKAWA Shinji :  
Nyoirin Kwannon of the Kanshinji Temple  
  MATSUBARA Saburo :  
Inscriptions in Cave Temples of the T'ang Dyn.asty in. Ssu Chuan Province  
  KUMAGAI Nobuo :  
Stone Sculpture of Kunson-san  
  I NYOIRIN of the Kanshinji Temple.
I Ditto, Details (Left Knee and Right Knee in flank view).
21 Vol.6,No.1 (September, 1956) Résumé
  SATO, Akio :  
A Trinity of Yakushi-nyorai (Bhaisajya-guru) Sculpture in Wood, now kept in the Shojo-ji, Kuwanuma-gun in Fukushima Prefecture  
  KONDO, Yoshihiro :  
A Hypothesis Concerning the Life of Fujiwara Nobuzane and His Contacts with the Kozanji  
  IKAWA, Kazuko :  
A Seated Figure of Batō-Kannon (Hayagrīva), Sculpture in Wood, at the Kongō-ji  
  SUZUKI, Kei :  
An Ink Painting of Bamboo, by Chang Chung-ho (Explanation for Pl. 1.)  
  1. Ink Painting of Bamboo, by Chang Chung-ho. In the Collection of the Nishi-hongan-ji, Kyoto.
2. Seated Figure of Batō-Kannon in the collection of Kongō-ji.
20 Vol.5,No.4 (March, 1956) Résumé
  YANAGI Munemoto :  
The Role played by Mosan Art in the Arts and Crafts of the 12th Century (II)  
  ANAZAWA Kazuo :  
The "Trésors de Vix" discovered in 1953 in Bregogne, France  
  WAKITA Hidetarō :  
Kuroda Ryōzan  
  MATSUSHITA Takaaki :  
  Hayagrīva (Batō-myōō) in the collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts  
  1 & 2. Hayagrīva (Batō-myōō) in the collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
3. Bronze Cratère discovered at Vix. (Detail, a & b)
Book Review:   
  Studies on old art object through optical methods by the Optical Studies Group in the Institute of Art Research. (WAKAMORI, Taro)
General list of contents of the Bijutsushi for the vol. V
19 Vol.5,No.3 (Jan. 1956) Résumé
  YANAGI Munemoto :  
The Role played by Mosan Art in the Arts and Crafts of the 12th Century  
  HAYASHI Ryoichi :  
The Ornamental Motif of a Tree and Ibex as an embodiment of Iranian Worship of the Sacred Tree  
  KIJMAGAI Nobuo :  
Two Terra-cotta Figurines discovered at Chinese Turkestan  
  1. Baptismal Font of Liège, in the collection of the Saint-Balthélemy Church, Liège, Belgium. (Detail a & b).
2. Two terra-cotta figurines discovered at Chinese Turkestan. Formerly in the Ōtani Collection now in the collection of the National Museum, Soeul, Korea.
The Special Exhibition of Gilt-Bronze Buddhist statues in Japan at the Tokyo National Museum. (INOUE, Tadashi).  
Book Review:   
  Study on the life and works of Unkei by Takeshi KOBAYASHI. (SHIBUE, Jirō).  
18 Vol.5,No.2 (Oct. 1955) Résumé
  MIWA Fukumatsu :  
Santa Maria del Fiore  
  MIYA Tsuguo :  
Heike Nōkyō: Original Plan and a Tentative Restoration of mis-arranged Sections  
Snow Plum Blossoms by Wu Ta-su, (Explanation of Plate I)  
  I. Snow Plum Blossoms by Wu Ta-su in the Murayama Collection, Niigata Prefecture
II. The Coffin of St. Zenobius by Lorenzo Ghiberti, Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence
Activities of the Japan Art History Society : Eighth General Meeting in 1955  
17 Vol.5,No.1 (Oct. 1955) Résumé
  TANI, Shinichi :  
"Kamigata" of Sanjōnishi Sanetaka--Supplement to "Study on Tosa Mitsunobu"  
A Portrait of the Priest Ippen-Shōnin newly discovered  
Images of Bodhisattva in Meditation in the Hanka (one leg crossed over the other) Pose produced from the late Northern Wei Dynasty (386 A.D.-534) to the Eastern Wei Dynasty (534-550)  
Stone Buddhist Statues excavated from the Site of Wan-fo Ssu near Ch'êng-tu, Ssu-ch'uan Province  
  I. Kamigata of Sanjōnishi Sanetaka by Tosa Mitsunobu in the collection of Mr. Sakai Ukichi, Tokyo.
II. a. Bodhisattva in meditation in the Hanka pose ; Bronze ; Northern Wei Dynasty.
b. Bodhisattva in meditation in the Hanka pose ; Bronze ; Eastern Wei Dynasty.
Book Review:  
Tombs and Mural Paintings of Ch'ing-ling (Report of the Discoveries front the Tombs of Liao
Kings) by Jitsuzo Tamura and Yukio Kobayashi ; reviewed by Kawakami Kei
15-16 Vol.4,No.3-4 (May 1955) Résumé
  UMEZU Jiro :  
Concerning Representations of the Buddhist Wheel of Life  
  TSUJIMOTO Dadao :  
The "Ursa Major Sword" in the Horyūji  
  MORI Toru :  
The Influence of the "Portraits of the Seven Shingon Patriarchs" on the History of Portrait Painting  
  SHIBUI Kiyoshi  :  
  Edo and Kamigata  
  KOBAYASHI Yukio :  
  Primitive Painting Appearing on Yayoi-type Earthenware.  
  Handscoroll representation of the Buddhist wheel of life in the Kozanji Te;nple.(from a copy by KURIH-ARA Ryuan)  
The Exhibition cf Oriental Carpets.
Objects found as contents of the Seiryoji Shaka Nyorai statue.
14 Vol.4,No.2 (February 1955) Résumé
  TANAKA Isshō :  
Genealogy of Warrior-Artists  
  SAWA Ryuken :  
On Esoteric Buddhist Figures in India  
  HAGITANI Boku :  
On a Special Group of Uta-awase in twenty rolis  
  Portrait of Hsüan-tsang (from the collection of Mr. NAKAYAMA Masayoshi and The National Museum, Korea)
Ema,by GONOME Sadashige (from the collection of the Wakamatsu Kannondō,Yamagata)
  Two Portraits of Hsüan-tsang Brought Back by the OTANI Mission  
The French Art Exhibit
News of the Society
13 Vol.4,No.1 (December 1954) Résumé
  NISHIMURA Hideo :  
The Repair of the Candraprabha Bodhisattva of the Yakushiji  
  Doi Tsuguyoshi :  
On the Honchō garden  
  ONO Katsutoshi :  
The Inscription on the Bonshō(Indian Bell) of the Kanzen'in in the Kōfukuji  
  TAMURA Kichinaga :  
Shō-Kannon Figure in the Tōindō of the Yakushiji  
  1. Lady holding lap-dog in arm, painted pottery, T'ang Dynasty
2. 3. Detail of above
Explanation of Plates (by SATO Masahiko)
Brief account of the rebuilding of the Kond・of the Hôryuji (FunuxIsxr Kazuo)
Minutes of the 1954 General Convention of the Japan Art History Society
12 Vol.3,No.4 (March 1954) Résumé
  YAMANOBE Tomoyuki :  
A Study of a Type of Japanese Dyeing known as Tsuji-ga-hana-zome  
  KOSUGI Kazuo :  
Origins and Characteristics of the "Thunder Pattern" on Chinese Bronzes.  
  FUKAI Shinji :  
The Bronze Statue of a Parthian Noble found at Shamî(Irân) and Parthian art  
  MATSUSHITA Takaaki :  
The portrait of Kannon in white by Ryôzen. (Explanation of Plate I).  
  I Portrait of Kannon dressed in white, by Ryôzen. In the collection of the Myôkô-ji, Aichi.
II Bronze statue of a Parthian noble, found at Shami, Irân. In the collection of the Archaeological Museum in Teheran. (Head : front, profile).
The excavation of the imperial palace site at Heijô-kyû, VIII century capital of Japan (KAYAMOTO Kamejirô).
Minutes of the Japan Art History Society.
General list of contents of the Bijutsushi for the vol. III
11 Vol.3,No.3 (January 1954) Résumé
  MAEDA, Yasuji :  
Concerning Applied Art in the Meiji Period.  
  KUMAGAI, Nobuo :  
Two Mural Fragments brought back by the Otani Mission from Central Asia.  
  YOSHIMURA, Shigeki :  
The Inscriptions on the Two Lacquer Boxes preserved in the Itsukushirna Shrine.  
  YANAGISAWA, Taka :  
The Senju-Kannon figured on the Back of the Altar Panel in the Amida-dò of the Fuki-Dera Monastery.  
Minutes of the January Seminar on Chinese Ink Painting in the Muromachi Period given under the auspices of the Japan Art History Society.

  1) "Two artist-monks bearing the name Bunsei" by Ichimatsu Tanaka.
  2) "Zôsan and bis work" by Takaaki Matsushita.
  3) "The Chinese (?) paintings bearing the seal Zen-a" by Yoshiho Yonezawa.
  I Four-seasons screen (detail) by Zôsan. In the Collection of the Museum of Fine
Arts, Boston.
II a. Mural fragment of the Versuchungs-höhle at Qyzil.
   b. Mural fragment from. the third cave at Bzäkälik.
Activities of the Society:  
  Sixth general meeting in 1953.  
10 Vol.3,No.2 (Nov. 1953) Résumé
  BOHLIN, Birger :  
Newly Visited Western Caves at Tun-Huang  
  HASUMI, Shigeyasu :  
Nôami as a Picture framer, and the Painting of the "Ten Worlds" Preserved at the Raigô-ji  
  KUNO, Takeshi :  
The Amida Triptych in Wood at the Ninna-ji  
  AKIYAMA, Terukazu :  
A Criticism of the Thesis that attributes to Minamoto Kaneyuki the Writing which appears on the Tablets of the mural painting in the "Phoenix Hall" of the Byôdô-in  
  NAKAGIRI, Isao :  
A Portable Wooden Shrine, containing Statues of Shaka-muni with his Attendants and belonging to the Sung Kwang Sa, in Korea(Explanation of Pl. I)  
  1. A portable wooden shrine, belonging to the Sung Kwang Sa temple of Korea.
2. Wall-paintings of Western Caves at Tun-Huang :
  1) At d in fig. 3 (the niche in the central pillar and a part of the back wall);
  2) At b in fig. 3. 3) At c in fig. 3.
The exhibition of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy at the Tokyo National Museum, (HORIE, Tomohiko).  
Book Review:  
  Recent three works on Mediaeval Art by Werner Weisbach. (NAKAYAMA, Kimio).
Studies on Hyuji Architecture by Kiyoshi Asano (FUKUYAMA, Toshio)
The Art and Architecture of India by Benjamin Rowland, (TAKATA, Osamu).
9 Vol.3,No.1 (June 1953) Résumé
  ASANO, Kiyoshi :  
The Characteristics of the Design and the Structure of Japanese Architecture  
Watanabe Kazan, His Inner Conflict--observed especially from his brush stroke--  
  HORIE,Tomohiro :  
Kyutsu (cylindrical box for Buddhist sutra) Dedi-cated to Kimbusen by Fujiwara Michinaga  
  FUKUYAMA, Toshio :  
  Mochi-shan caves, a Buddhist monument in Kan-su Province  
  Sculptures and frescoes from Mochi-shan caves. 1) Clay figure of a seated
Buddha a) in the cave 114, 2) Clay figure of a seated Buddha (b) in the
same cave, 3) Fresco of the cave 5 and 4) Fresco of the cave 4.
In Memory of the laie Prof. Alfred Foucher (TAKATA, Osamu)  
Activities of the Society  
8 Vol.2,No.4 (April 1953)
 K.Asano & Y.Kimura :  
Fragments of a Shitan-wood pagoda at Shōsō-in  
  R.Sawa :  
Dai-nenbutsu-engi in the Daigoji Text  
  S.Ienaga :  
  Reply to Mr. Nakamura's Criticism on the problems of are history  
Description of Plate:  
  A Portrait of Priest Shigensogen(S.Shimada)  
Book Review:  
J.Okada, An Illustrated History of Japanese Handicraft Arts(C.Nakagawa)  
  Japan Art History Society  
(a) A Portrait of Priest Shingensogen
(b) Inscription
7 Vol.2,No.3 (June 1952)
  K.Suzuki :  
The Picture Scroll of Ban-dainagon  
  H.Kageyama :  
The Statues of Kasuga and Sumiyoshi Myôjin of the Kôzan-ji Temple  
Description of Plate:  
The Statue of Vimalakirti of the Seiryû-ji Temple(H.Môri)  
  The Statue of Sakyamuni Buddha of the Saidai-ji Temple(N.Oka)  
Book Review:  
S.Sasaki:Technique of Japanese ancient Textiles(T.Yamanobe)  
The Statue of Vimalakirti of the Seiryû-ji Temple, Kyoto
The Statue of Sakyamuni Buddha of the Saidai-ji Temple, Nara
6 Vol.2,No.2 (June 1952)
  J.Umezu :  
The Picture Scroll of Ishiyamadera Engi  
  G. Kuroda :  
Shibakōkan and his scientific Achievements  
Description of Plate:  
A greenish-grey-glazed clay Figure of a horned Owl ot the Han Style(R. Fujioka)  
Notes and News:  
Exhibition of Textiles in the National Museum in Tokyo.
Exhibition of Hakuhō and Tempyō Periods in the Nara National Museum.
Japan Art History Society  
A greenish-grey-glazed clay Figure of a horned Owl of the Han Style
The Picture Scroll of Ishiyamadera Engi
5 Vol.2.,No.1 (January 1952)
  Takashi Kobayashi :
Kuninaka-no-muraji-Kimimaro, a sculptor of the Nara Period
  Masayoshi Honma :
Notes on the Making of Stucco and Lacquer (Kanshitsu) Statues
  Yasuo Sugawara :
Vajrapāni Statues of the South Gate of the Tōdaiji Temple
  Nihei Nakamura :
To Prof. S. fenaga on his View of the Objects of Art History
Notes and Information:
News from Korea (Chewon Kim)
Exhibition of the Shosoin Treasures at the Nara Museum in 1951(Hyobu Nishimura)
Exhibition of the Newly Designated National Treasures at the Nara Museum (Hyobu Nishimura)
Japan Art History Society
Eastern Statues of Vajrapāni (Detail a)   
Ditto (Detail b)
Western Statue of Vajrapāni (Detail a)
Ditto (Detail b)
South gate of the Todaiji
4 Vol.1,No.4 (September 1950)
  Kenji Moriya :
Madonna in the Art of the Siena School
  Atsuo Kawamoto :
An Examination of the Thoughts on Modem Art of Nature
  Naomi Oka :
A Study on the Seated Statue of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha of Temple Hōrinji
Book Reviews:
Mosaku Ishida : A Study of the Log House (J. Murata)
Henri Deydier : L'inscription du bas-relief de Kāpiçī-Begrām et la chronologie de l'art Gandhāra (T. Higuchi)
Notes and Informations:
Excavation of the Ruiri of the Monks' Dormitory in Monastery of Tōdaiji(Y. Kimura)
  Excavation of the Ruin of the Pagoda in Temple Hōrinji(K. Kayamoto)  
  Repair of the East Pagoda of Temple Yakushiji(Y. Kimura)  
Exhibition of Japanese Arts in San Francisco
Japan Art History Society
Frontispiece : The Angel Gabriel and the Virgin Annunciation by Simone Martini, Detail. (Colour) (Uffizi, Florence)
I. Ditto by Simone Martini (Uffizi, Florence)
II. Maesta by Simone Martini (Fresco). Detail (Palazzo Pubblico, Siena.)
III. Maesta by Duccio di Buoninsegna. (Board Painting). Detail (Opera del Duomo, Siena. )
IV. The Seated Statue of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha of Temple Hōrinji.
3 Vol.1,No.3 (March 1951)
  Shunshu Akamatsu :
The Statue of Kiyotaki-Myôin in the Upper Temple of Daigo  
  Hisashi Môri :
Motif of A Group Statue of Celestial Mus&cians in the Hall Hô-ô-dô  
  Yoshimi Murakam :
The Conception of Nature in the Six Dynasties  
  Saburô Ienaga :
The Objects of the Science of Art History  
Book Review:
C. D. Guest ; Shiraz Painting in XVI Century (T. Ueno)
T. Haruyama ; Ancient History of Japanese Paintings (K. Ono)
Art Institute (edited by) ; The Octagonal Hall of the Temple Eizan-ji (Y. Kimura)
Notes and Information:
Surveys on the Wooden Pagôa of the Temple Hôryu-ji
Examination of the Shôsô-in Treasures
Exhibition of the Shosô-in Treasures at the Nara Museum
Re-editing of Historical Decuments on Japanese Art History
Japan Art History Society  
  Frontispiece ; Sheepfold of Glazed Pottery in the Han Dynasty. (Colour) Byodô-in, Uji
I. Statue of the Group CelestiaIs in the Hall Hô-ô-dô Byodô-in, Uji
II. Ditto.Byodô-in, Uji
III. Writings found on the Statue of the Group Celestials in the Hall Hô-ô-dô
IV. Statue of Cinâmani-cakra Avalokitesvara of the Temple Daigo-ji.
V. Image of Kiyotaki-Myojin. The Collection of Mr. Tomitarô Hara
VI. Image of Kiyotaki-Myojin (detail) and the Writings.
VII. Image of Kiyotaki-Myojin (detail) and the Writings.
2 Vol.1,No.2 (August 1950)
  Osamu Mori :
Ideas of Prince Tomohito in the Garden Planning of the Katsura Villa
  Tôru Mori :
On the Portrait of Minamoto Yoritomo
  Toshio Nagahiro :
Temples and its Wall-paintings in Chang-an of the Sui Dynasty
  Shinzaburo Sasaki :
On . the Technique of Warp Compound Rib and Compound Twill in the Ancient Brocade of Japan
Book Review:
N.UENO ; Study on the Scrall Paintings in Japan (J. Umezu)
Y. TAZAWA, D. SAWAYANAGI, T. KUNO and M. SAKAMOTO ; Shakyamuni Trinity in the Kondô of Hôryuji Temple (Hôryuji Research Materials : Sculpture Series,
Vol.I) (H. Môri)
CH.F.KELLY, and .CHEN MENG-CHIA ; Chinese- Bronzes from the Buckingham Collection (S. Mizuno)
ALAN PRIEST ; Chinese Sculpture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (S. Mizuno)
T. KUNO (edited by) ; History of Japanese Art. Mediaeval, Modem and Contemporary Periods (A. Yamane)
News Notes and Report:
Investigation of the Hollow under the Central Pillar of the Five-storied Pagoda in Hôyuji Temple(.Kamejirô Kayamoto)
News from the National Museum of Seoul
Art Exhibition of the Castle Nagoya in the National Museum in Tokyo  
  Special Exhibitions in Nara National . Museum  
  Japan, Art History Society  
Frontispiece. Portrait Painting of Shigemori in the possession of the Jingoji Templleple (Detail).
I. (1) Portrait Painting of Shigemori in the possession of Jingoji Temple.
   (2)Portrait Painting of Yoritomo in the possession of Jingoji Temple.
II. (1) Portrait Painting of Yoritomo in the possession of the British Museum.
    (2) Portrait Painting of Fujiwara Takanobu in the possession of Jingoji Temple.
III. (1) East Side of the Arbor Shôin-tei.
    (2) Garden seen from the Old Palace, Ko-shoin.
IV. (3) Moon-vie wing Verandah'of the Old Palace, Ko-shoin.
    (4) Kitchen Place and Stepping ,Stones of the Arbor Shôkin-tei. .
V. (5) Garden seen from the F4-st Room of the Arbor Shôkin-tei,
    (6) Windows with Bamboo-works of the Tatsutaya:
VI. (7) Garden near the Arbo Shôkin-teii seen from the Pavillon Geppa-rô
    (8) Kitchen, Place of the Pavilion Geppa-rô
VII. (9) Portrait of Prince Tomohito in the possession of . Sôokuji Temple.
    (10) General View of the Old and Middle Palaces, Ko-shoin and Chû-shoin.
VIII. (11) Stone . Bridge at Amanohashidate and the Stone Lantern, Yau-no-sekitô
    (12) Grounds for Sports in front of the Palaces
    (13) Alcove and Shelves in the First Room of the Middle Palace, Chû-shoin.
IX. (14) Interior of the Second Room of the Pavilion Geppa-rô
    (15) Supports and Eavesdrop of the Middle Palace,Chû-shoin.
X. (16) Front Entrance and Garden Path.:
1 Vol.,No.1 (1950)
  Y. Yamane :
  A Study of Tôhaku, a Painter of the Momoyan a Period  
  Y. Yonezawa :
  Prototype of a Special Landscape in the Chinese Painting.
—Representation of the Loess Terrace
  T. Matsushita :
  " Oh, Tranquil ! " —A Phrase in Tôhaku-Gasetsu  
  T. Ueno :
  Development of God Yaksha in India  
  J. Murata :
  An Interpretation of Hua-ta, Decorative Brick Stûpa of Kuang-hui-ssŭ in Chêng-ting, Hopei  
  F. Koyama :
  Studies on the Oriental Ceramics in Europe and America after the War.  
Explanation of the Plates
  Nuihaku Embroidery(C. Yamanobe)  
  An Ewer of Yüeh Ware, recently found at Kobata, Kyoto(R. Fujioka)  
Book Review:
T. NAGAHIRO: A Study of Hiten or Flying Angels (K. Kosugi)
J. MURATA : Progress of the Study of Temple Hôryuji (T. Fukuyama)
T. TANAKA : Studies on the Oriental Art History (K. Dôtani)
W. COHN : Chinese Painting (T. Nagahiro)
J. KAWAMORI ; Studies on the History of the Japanese . Sculpture (H. Môri)
A. KAWAMOTO : Creative Power of Tempyo Art (K. Kuno)
N. UENO : Ancient History of Japanese Art (K. Ono)
L. KUNO etc : History of Japanese Art. Ancient and Mediaeval Art (T. Hayashiya)
Notes and News:
  Excavation of Hôryuji Treasure under the Pagôda(Y. Kimura)  
  New Movements in the Researches of Art History in Japan after the War(I. Kondo)  
Japan Art History Society  
  Frontispiece. Nuihaku Embroidery
  Plate I. Ewer of Yiieh Ware, recently found at Kobata, Kyoto.
  Plate II. Landscape Painting by Tôhaku in Yen-toku-in, Kyoto.
  Plate III. Ditto.
  Plate IV. Statues of Yaksha Goddess of Bhârhut and Mathura.

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