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The Bijutsushi Article Prize

The Bijutsushi Prize, the award for outstanding articles published in the scholarly journal Bijutsushi, has been established to recognize exceptional contributions to the advancement of art history.
1) Name: Bijutsushi Article Prize [‘hereafter referred to as the Article Prize’]
2) Eligibility: Any article having been published in the previous fiscal year’s Bijutsushi journal issues
3) Number of prizes awarded: A maximum of three prizes to be awarded. In some instances, no prizes may be awarded in a particular year.
4) Selection method:
  a) The Standing Committees of the Eastern and Western Divisions (excluding the Society Chairman) each elect five members with appropriate specialties to the Article Prize Selection Committee.
b) The Article Prize Selection Committee evaluates entries for the Bijutsushi Article Prize, and their decisions are then confirmed by the Standing Committees of the Eastern and Western Divisions, with the responsibility jointly held by the Joint Meeting of the Eastern and Western Division Standing Committees.
c) When an Article Prize Selection Committee member has any prior form of relationship with the author of an entry text, then the member must make that known to the Committee. Any Selection Committee member who has previously served in a direct advisory role to an author as an advising professor during the writing process must refrain from voting.
d) The prize winners are determined during the May Joint Meeting of the Eastern and Western Division Standing Committees, and prizes are presented during the annual JAHS General Assembly.
e) Any other important issues with regard to the Prize are determined by the members of the Article Prize Selection Committee, which then reports those decisions to the Standing Committees of both the Eastern and Western Divisions.
5) Revised May 2007.

List of Award Winners
Commentaries made upon Selection for Awards
21th,2022 SHEN, Honglin: 191 Vol.71,No.1
Judge's commentary
A New Identification of the Shidafu Figure as Tudi- like Zhangdadi in the Ten Kings of Hell Painted by the Workshop of Lu Xinzhong
NAKAMURA, Minori: 192 Vol.71,No.2
Judge's commentary
Cover Image Modifications of Le Japon artistique: The Reception of Ukiyo-e in France around 1890
KAWAMOTO, Mayu: 192 Vol.71,No.2
Judge's commentary
  The Martyrdom of St. James by Navarrete el Mudo – Painted Tears and the Sacristy in the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial
20th,2021 MORI, Yui: 189 Vol.70,No.1
Judge's commentary
Il ciclo degli affreschi nella cappella di San Brizio, Duomo di Orvieto (1447-1504) : il contesto politico del coinvolgimento della famiglia Piccolomini e della famiglia Monaldeschi nel governo municipale e nel progetto del ciclo di affreschi.
19th,2020 OTA, Tomoko: 187 Vol.69,No.1
Judge's commentary
Iconologia delle decorazioni interne della Villa di Poggio Imperiale a Firenze
ISOTANI, Yusuke: 188 Vol.69,No.2
Judge's commentary
The Topology of Photography in 1930s France: Focusing on the Graphic Arts Magazine Arts et Métiers Graphiques
18th,2019 KÔYAMA-HAYASHI, Rie: 185 Vol.68,No.1
Judge's commentary
The Role of the 1886 Kazoku Hereditary Property Law in the Protection of Cultural Property
SHIOTA, Shakuyû: 185 Vol.68,No.1
Judge's commentary
A Study on Maeda Seison's Mikoshiburi: The Modern Renaissance of Handscrolls (Emaki)
TOMANA, Yu: 186 Vol.68,No.2
Judge's commentary
  Consideration on the Painter Myôjitsu and the Circumstance of Execution of Jôan Version of Gosannen Kassen Emaki
17th,2018 INOOKA, Moena: 183 Vol.67,No.1
Judge's commentary
Expressional Awareness in the Hitachi Meishozu Byōbu
FUKUDA, Kyôko: 184 Vol.67,No.2
Judge's commentary
Le Paysage avec une femme se lavant les pieds de Nicolas Poussin (Ottawa) et Michel Passart : un paysage du Vélabre de la Rome antique
16th,2017 UCHIYAMA, Jun’ichi: 181 Vol.66,No.1
Judge's commentary
Falconry Folding Screens by Kusumi Morikage, with a Focus on the Relationship to the Kaga Family
KUWABARA, Natsuko: 182 Vol.66,No.2
Judge's commentary
The Iconographic Study of the Last Days of the Virgin along the Northern Wall of the Church of Santa Maria ad Cryptas in Fossa (L’Aquila)
PARK, Seong Hee: 182 Vol.66,No.2
Judge's commentary
  Historical Significance of Elegant Gathering at Kenkadō Hall by Kimura Kenkadō: Representation of Japanese Literati in Japan and Korea in the Late-eighteenth Century
15th,2016 ECHIZEN, Toshiya: 179 Vol.65,No.1
Judge's commentary
Reconsidering Isamu Noguchi’s Hiroshima Memorial to the Dead
SHIRAKI, Nahoko: 179 Vol.65,No.1
Judge's commentary
The Five Hundred Arhats by Henmi Kazunobu and the Revival Movement of Buddhist Precepts in the Late Edo Period
FURUKAWA, Moe: 180 Vol.65,No.2
Judge's commentary
  Giorgio Vasari and the Cappella dei Pittori: The Statues’ Gaze and Commemoration of the Deceased
14th,2015 YOkOO, Takuma: 178 Vol.64,No.2
Judge's commentary
Yubōen Zukan (Daitoku-ji) by Ike no Taiga: The Acceptance and Development of Chinese Garden Culture
SAKAMOTO, Atsushi: 177 Vol.64,No.1
Judge's commentary
Jacopo Vignali and S. Maria Novella
ÔSAWA, Shin: 178 Vol.64,No.2
Judge's commentary
  A Consideration of the Hooded Ksitigarbha (Hibô Jizô Bodhisattva) of the Goryeo Dynasty: The Date of the Tsushima Statue in the Kyushu National Museum
13th,2014 SODA, Megumi: 175 Vol.63,No.1
Judge's commentary
Reconsidering A Journey Around Hell and Paradise by Kawanabe Kyōsai: The Symbol of the End of the Edo Period and the Beginning of the Meiji Era and the Figure of Commemoration
12th,2013 OSUGI, Chihiro: 173 Vol.62,No.1
Judge's commentary
Auferstehung Christi am Isenheimer Alter: die Funktion der Darstellung der “Oransgeste” [An Observation on the Resurrection Scene in the Isenheim Altarpiece: Regarding the Function of the Orans Type Christ Imagery]
FUKUSHIMA Masako: 173 Vol.62,No.1
Judge's commentary
A Study of the Jinbaori with Trefoil Hollyhock Crests on White and Purple Plain Silk in the Tokyo National Museum
YAOI, Ayumi: 174 Vol.62,No.2
Judge's commentary
  Deciphering Fernand Khnopff’s Inscription – Rêve and Réalité Represented in Des Caresses
11th,2012 NAKAJIMA, Megumi: 171 Vol.61,No.1
Judge's commentary
Une étude sur Odilon Redon, Dans le Rêve (1879) : l’interprétation de l’ambigüité des portraitsr
TAKAGI, Kanako: 171 Vol.61,No.1
Judge's commentary
Early Yūzen Dyeing: The Baby Clothes said to have been worn by Date Tsunamura
10th,2011 SUAMI, Miyuki : 169 Vol.60,No.1
Judge's commentary
Un’interpretazione della pala di Sebastiano Luciani sull’altar maggiore: dal punto di vista del programma iconografico all’epoca in cui fu ricostruita la chiesa
9th,2010 UEHARA, Mai : 168 Vol.59,No.2
Judge's commentary
Ricostruzione del Trittico di Castel di Carlo Crivellir
HIYAMA, Satomi: 168 Vol.59,No.2
Judge's commentary
The Wall Paintings of Kizil Cave 118: The Story of King Māndhātr as a New Identification
8th,2009 Hara Hirofumi : 166 Vol.58,No.2
Judge's commentary
“The Vajrasekhara-sutra and the Function of the Sculptural Programs of Toji’s Lecture Hall”
7th,2008 OHNO, Yoko : 163 Vol.57,No.1
Judge's commentary
La Cappella della Salita al Calvario al Sacro Monte di Varallo la visualizzazione dell’Imitatio Christi
TSUCHIYA, Maki : 163  Vol.57,No.1
Judge's commentary
A Consideration of Shakadō engi emaki - With a Focus on the Life Story of Buddha in the First and Second Scrolls
MITA, Kakuyuki 164  Vol.57,No.2
Judge's commentary
A Consideration of the Original Form and Theme of the Tenjukoku-shûchô
6th,2007 KAKINUMA, Marie : 161 Vol.56,No.1
Judge's commentary
Paul Klees beidseitig bearbeitete Bilder
KATÔ, Hiroko: 162 Vol.56,No.2
Judge's commentary
Sketches of Various Birds after Kano Tan’yû by Noda Tômin, and its Relation to Ogata Kôrin’s Sketches of Birds and Animals
5th,2006 INOUE,Taiki: 160 Vol.55,No.2
Judge's commentary
On the Statues of the Period of the Foundation of the Rokuharamitsuji (Saikouji)
TAGUCHI, Fumiya: 160 Vol.55,No.2
Judge's commentary
The Iconography of Anthropomorphized Animals and thePossibility of Narrative Expression:A Study of the Otogi-zoshi Tale Yahyou Nezumi
MOCHIZUKI, Noriko : 160 Vol.55,No.2
Judge's commentary
Le Triomphe de Bacchus et Le Triomphe de Pan de Nicolas Poussin: leur signification dans le contexte de la decoration du cabinet du Roi au chateau de Richelieu
4th,2007 MATSUBARA, Tomoo: 157 Vol.54,No.1
Judge's commentary
“Imperio e libertà”: elogio imperiale e culto mariano nella decorazione pittorica del Sodoma per la Cappella degli Spagnoli
IKEGAMI,Hiroko : 158 Vol.54,No.2
Judge's commentary
Robert Rauschenberg's Gold Standard : An Essay on Globalization in Modern Art
3rd,2006 HAMASUMI,Mayu: 156 Vol.53,No.2
Judge's commentary
One Aspect of the Reception of Chinese Landscape Painting in Japan: Focusing on Ike  Taiga's White Clouds and Scarlet Trees
HIRAOKA, Yoko : 155 Vol.53,No.1
Judge's commentary
The Triptych with the Miracles of Christ in the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne: A New Interpretation of the Images and the Dating of the Picture
2nd,2005 ADACHI,Kaoru : 153 Vol.52,No.1
Circe innamorata,o il soggetto dei due disegni di Parmigianino
MURAKADO,Noriko : 153 Vol.52,No.1
Photographs of Antiquities in the Meiji Period :Focusing of the Fine Arts Expedition to the Kinai,1888-1889
YAMAJO,Nokilo : 154 Vol.52,No.2
L'État et l'artiste :une étude sur les cartons d'Odilon Redon pour la Manufacture nationale des Gobelin
1st,2004 MIZUNO,Ryoko : 152 Vol.51,No.2
A Consideration of the Background of Production of Ippen Hijiri-e

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