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Constitution of the Japan Art History Society
Article 1. The name of this Society is the Japan Art History Society [ehereafter called the JAHS.f]
Article 2. JAHS brings together in scholarly endeavor members who are researchers in the field of art history.
Article 3. The purpose of JAHS is to advance and contribute to the field of art history studies by bringing together and providing a forum for members on a national basis.
Article 4. To these ends, this Society carries out the following activities:
1. Planning of social activities for the mutual convenience and the benefit of art history scholars
2. Conducting joint surveys and research
3. Providing a point of contact with scholars, societies, organizations and institutions in various related fields
4. Publishing the journal Bijutsushi, the Societyfs news organs and other ad hoc publications and holding lectures and research meetings
5. Selecting and presenting the Bijutsushi Article Prize
6. Other activities as warranted
Article 5. The Society includes the following decision-making organs:
1) General Assembly
2) Standing Committee
Article 6. The General Assembly shall be the highest decision-making organ of the Society, consisting of the entire membership. The General Assembly shall be convened once a year. Participation by proxy delegation shall be permitted and a quorum for the General Assembly shall be 20 per cent of the membership.
[Section 2] The General Assembly can also be convened on an extraordinary basis at the behest of the Standing Committee or by request of 25 per cent of the membership.
Article 7. The Standing Committee shall be made up of particular members as elected by the general membership, and shall be responsible for the administration of the Society and its activities. The Standing Committee shall report on the administration and activities of the Society at every annual General Assembly.
[Section 2] The term of office for Standing Committee Members shall be 2 years, with half of the Committee elected each year. The number of Standing Committee Members and how they are elected is determined elsewhere.
[Section 3] Those members who have served on the Standing Committee for two periods, a total of four years, are not eligible for election to the Committee for only the following two-year period.
Article 8. The members of Standing Committee vote to determine the Chairman of the Society.
[Section 2] The Chairman shall be limited to a total of four years in the office.
[Section 3] The Standing Committee can call on the services of specialist committee members and administrative staff to carry out the activities and administration of the Society.
Article 9. The Society shall operate a Head Office for general management and two regional division offices, the Eastern Division and the Western Division. With the exception of those members who live outside of Japan, all members shall be affiliated with one of the two Divisions.
[Section 2] The General Assembly shall have the authority to form new Divisions as it determines.
[Section 3] The Head Office and Division Offices shall each have an Administrative Officer. In the case of a Division administered from the Head Office, the Head Office Administrative Officer doubles as the Division Administrative Officer. The Standing Committee delegates the Societyfs administrative and operational duties to the Administrative Officers. The selection method, and term of office, of the Administrative Officers is determined elsewhere.
Article 10. Each Division shall elect a set number of Standing Committee Members.
[Section 2] The other regulations regarding the Divisions are determined elsewhere.
Article 11. Members shall not be prohibited from forming sub-groups within the society. However, any such sub-groups shall regularly report on their activities to the Standing Committee.
Article 12. Members shall pay fees and they shall be the prior beneficiaries of Society activities.
[Section 2] Members can apply to the Standing Committee at any time for information regarding the Societyfs administrative affairs.
Section 3] Members shall report on the state of their research to the General Assembly.
Article 13. Members of this Society must be individuals who are interested in research in and furtherance of the history of art, and who will contribute to Society activities.
[Section 2] Applicants for membership shall submit recommendations from two current Society members and receive the approval of the Standing Committee. In instances where it is not possible to obtain two member recommendations, the Standing Committee may conduct an assessment of the applicant in lieu of recommendations. Withdrawal from the Society shall be approved by the Standing Committee and expulsion shall be put to a resolution by the General Assembly.
[Section 3] Those members who do not pay their membership fees shall have their membership revoked.
Article 14. Membership fees, monies raised by Society projects or activities and by donations, shall cover the Societyfs operating expenses.
[Section 2] A schedule of membership fees is provided elsewhere.
Article 15. The Societyfs operating budget and accounting shall be the duty of the Standing Committee, which shall provide financial reports to the General Assembly.
Article 16. The Societyfs financial information shall be audited.
[Section 2] One auditor each shall be assigned to the Eastern Division and Western Division, and they will be assigned each fiscal year by the Standing Committee.
Article 17. This Constitution shall only be changed by a decision of the General Assembly.
Summary of Other Items Set by the Constitution
Item 1. Number of members of the Standing Committee shall be:
Eastern Division - 18 members, Western Division - 12 members
The Standing Committee shall have the authority to decide to appoint a further number of Standing Committee members, up to a total of 15 additional members from both Divisions. The tenure of such additional members shall be one year and shall not covered by the stipulations made in Constitution Article 7 Section 2.
Item 2. The term of office for a Standing Committee member shall be from the end of the General Assembly held in the year of election to the end of the General Assembly two years hence. The tenure of the Standing Committee member chosen to be the Chairman shall be until the new Chairman is elected.
Item 3. If a Standing Committee member asks to step down at any time during the course of his or her tenure, this shall be permitted upon deliberation by the Standing Committee. If the Chairman, for any reason, cannot fulfill the duties thereof, the Standing Committee shall appoint an Acting Chairman.
Item 4. Those members who are in arrears for one year will not be eligible for research report or paper submissions and will not receive the society journal. Those members who are in arrears on their membership fees for two years shall have their membership revoked. Those who have been expelled for lack of payment can be readmitted to the membership when the fees in arrears are paid in full.
Item 5. As of fiscal year 1995, domestic membership fees are set at 10,000 yen per year. Membership fees for members who reside outside of Japan are set at 12,700 yen per year. The Societyfs fiscal year begins on May 1st.
Item 6. Office Managers shall be elected by approval of the Standing Committee based on recommendations from the Society Chairman and Division Chairmen. The tenure of Office Managers shall be one year, and may be renewed up to 3 years.

Approved by the General Assembly on June 25, 1949
Revised on December 10, 1949
Revised on November 11, 1951
Revised on October 12, 1957
Revised on October 20, 1961
Revised on May 22, 1964
Revised on May 19, 1969
Revised on May 21, 1970
Revised on June 12, 1976
Revised on May 13, 1978
Revised on June 2, 1979
Revised on June 21, 1980
Revised on May 16, 1981
Revised on May 14, 1983
Revised on May 24, 1986
Revised on May 7, 1988
Revised on May 13, 1989
Revised on May 25, 1991
Revised on May 28, 1994
Revised on May 27, 1995
Revised on May 26, 2000
Revised on May 23, 2003
Revised on May 26, 2006
Revised on May 25, 2007
Revised on May 22, 2009
Revised on May 21, 2010

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